Fidget Cube by Antsy Labs, for that friend who can’t sit still

If you find yourself constantly touching your phone, scrolling through social media, getting distracted from your tasks at hand. Fidget Cube will definitely curb that habit and…

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James and Winnie on Bynd Artisan’s Total Design

It started out to be a modern interpretation of Winnie’s grandfather’s trade, which is considered as a ‘sunset industry’ – an old and declining industry. But they realized it was…

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Mauro Porcini on How Brands Can Stay Relevant and Engaging

We are bombarded with new content everyday. Brands need to understand how things are changing on a daily basis and they need to be immersed in what is happening, in order to…

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Barry Wacksman on Designing Ecosystems

The Executive Vice President and Global Chief Strategy Officer of R/GA gave a talk during Singapore Design Week 2017 at the Innovation by Design Conference 2017. He talked about…

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“We want to be just like water. Calm, essential, always nearby giving us rest and richness. It has not the brilliance of liquor, nor does it attract us like perfume.”

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Uamp, amplifying your music experience on the go

“The bottom line: you are missing out on great sound.” -Joseph and Bartosz (Founders and Creators of Uamp)

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The Military-esque Bomber Keychain

The bomber keychain measures at 14 centimetres, tied with a 1.5 metre long emergency paracord with 550 pounds of strength. It has a firestarter flint & steel rod attached on the…

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5 reasons why Inn Hotel Hong Kong is your next stay!

Our main priority in choosing a hotel while in Hong Kong was that instead of typical, commercial ones, the hotel has to be in some way unique and well designed. Of course, it had…

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3 works you must know about at Art Stage Singapore 2016

We found ourselves attracted to meaning and details this year, more so than previous years. Here’s 3 of our favourite pieces at Art Stage, along with some shots of pieces we…

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Bull & Stash varying notebook sizes, the last one you’ll ever need

We released the FUSSY x Bull & Stash, Stash notebooks earlier and we’re currently selling smaller sized ones! Now if you don’t already know, these are the LAST notebooks you’ll…

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