When your passion and what you stand for is at risk of succumbing to mass ideals and how things are believed to be, it’s time to gather your supporters and fight for what you believe in.

Lush 99.5fm, the only music station in Singapore playing indie music and continuously big on supporting local acts, has not reached a satisfactory number according to a recent Nielsen survey. Although the survey could have been executed more appropriately, it’s a survey nonetheless and the MDA has caught hold of it.

If our support is not shown, they risk getting pulled out. Without them, we can’t get our daily dose of indie and local tunes, and our 9-5s would seem like the day’s never going to end. No other music station delivers the genre of music you and I listen to.

It’s a fight for all things independent especially so amongst the commercial stereotypes. That’s why FUSSY is on board, especially since Lush was never about monetary benefits but supporting music.